The following discography contains all singles and albums that were released in cooperation with jgmrecords and are available for purchase via iTunes, Amazon MP3 or available as streaming content via Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, etc. A variety of productions of jgmrecords’ artists can be heared for free on SoundCloud or in the Artists section.

Viņš un Viņa – Viņš un Viņa | iTunes Store

Mister Goldhand – Live from Planet Groove | iTunes Store

Michel Hubert – Solo Piano & Surprise | iTunes Store

Dhalia – Mine | iTunes Store

Christal & Crack – Vitamine C | iTunes Store

Dhalia – song4you | Free Download

Migoto & Friends – Together | iTunes Store

Dhalia – You and Me | iTunes Store

Fred Hormain – Introspection | iTunes Store

6fun – Macadam Planet | iTunes Store